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My Best (and Other) Reads in 2022

Cycling; AI, big data and the implications; two novels that provided mixed or no pleasure; and a motley pile of more non-fiction books about this and that.

14 January 2023


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6 January 2023

The Next Generation

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22 October 2022

Being (Very) Serious

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7 October 2022

The Appliance

A narrative that might be read as a cautionary tale (though the humble author, regrettably, could not spare the time to further elaborate on the lesson to be learned).

22 September 2022


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31 August 2022

Still Life

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26 August 2022


The blog author looking back on the only time in his life when he held an office. His tenure, though, was similarly successful as his career as a precocious novelist.

11 August 2022


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29 July 2022


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4 July 2022

17 June

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17 June 2022

On the Street

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7 June 2022

Judging the Past

After having read this little article the reader might feel inclined to say: »OK, blogger« – or not.

22 May 2022


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6 May 2022

Selenicereus Grandiflorus

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14 April 2022

Non Scholae …

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30 March 2022

Songs in Ink (17)

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12 March 2022


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22 February 2022

Another Seventy

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28 January 2022

My Best Reads in 2021

Short novels; the world of fungi; a glance into the human mind; and on mudsills, crackers, and rednecks.

5 January 2022

Ecce Homo

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29 December 2021


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15 December 2021

Wintry Sketch

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3 December 2021

The Teacher – A Novel

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13 November 2021

Math and Myth

The very true account of a business trip, demonstrating why a businessman should not be swayed by legend.

24 October 2021


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8 October 2021

Righter (Than You)

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28 September 2021

Sacapuntas y Azulejo

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12 September 2021

Toning Exercises

Musing on a very beneficial kind of mediocrity.

17 August 2021

Giro del Mondo Dantesco

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12 July 2021

DJ Wurstmeister

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8 June 2021


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27 May 2021

Songs in Ink (16)

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7 May 2021


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18 April 2021

Photo Session

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9 April 2021

Reading is …

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21 March 2021

Roaring Again?

Some musings on history: in what way it will most probably not repeat itself. Or will it?

11 March 2021


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27 February 2021

Le Savoir-Faire

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18 February 2021


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12 February 2021


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28 January 2021

My Best Reads in 2020

A literary discovery, a couple of modern classics (or novels that should be considered so), three lives, and just a small dose of pure history this time.

3 January 2021

Music in the Air

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20 December 2020


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5 December 2020

Space Port

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22 November 2020

Donné par Maman

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12 November 2020

Job Opportunity

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25 October 2020


An edifying and instructive conversation between two persons not to be further specified which was transcribed with due diligence and accuracy and with deep-felt reverence for the art and tradition of Socratic dialogue.

19 October 2020


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8 October 2020


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29 September 2020


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7 September 2020


Summer is nearing its end. A good time to sit down with a cup of coffee for a casual minute of contemplation and retrospection. – On what makes us and what draws us close to each other: not our opinions …

26 August 2020

Just Routine Work

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5 August 2020


Raving about a novel from 1931 that has blown me away.

10 July 2020


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19 June 2020

Para o Brasil!

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3 June 2020


How can a little yellow bear be political? And what does it have to do with May Day and Bratwurst?

1 May 2019

Songs in Ink (15)

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22 March 2019