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(Sir Karl Raimund Popper, British philosopher)

If you are a regular reader of this little blog you might recall the name Nassim Nicholas Taleb. My friends will now moan: »Oh boy, come on, not again …!« because I’ve bothered them with Taleb and his writings a little more than just two times. But bear with me: I only mention him here because he in turn made me read books by Karl Popper. I simply had to, for Popper pops up (I’m a clown, I know) in almost every chapter Taleb wrote.

»Here, as always, I believe in the critical discussion of the issue involved, rather than in facile slogans from either side.«

(Karl Popper, »The Myth of the Framework«)

»[…] the discovery of instances which confirm a theory means very little if we have not tried, and failed, to discover refutations.«

(Karl Popper, »The Poverty of Historicism«)
Portrait of Karl Popper (Ink and Water Colours)