Heyoka’s Workbench


»Homo homini lupus« says the Latin proverb. There might be truth in this adage but it doesn’t do the wolf justice. For among all animals on this planet human beings are sole in having invented torture and having applied it to one another in all ages and all places and having spent inexhaustible energy and inventiveness in developing ever new and ever more refined and cruel ways of torturing other human beings. What can be more perverted and sad?

Is there one, at least one single tiny tribe of the human race who have never known the »concept« of torture and never produced a torturing creep? If so, they should rule the world.

(Inspired by PJ Harvey’s song »The Crowded Cell«. Thanks to my friend D. who has recommended me the compelling British mini-series »The Virtues« which in turn made me discover PJ Harvey’s song.)

Sketch: “Lupus” (inspired by PJ Harvey’s song “The Crowded Cell”)