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(Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, probably the greatest British statesman of the 20th century and a brilliant writer)

Everyone knows the famous photos of Churchill during and after the Second World War. In my mind they have merged with his name and history to a monument that lets me forget sometimes that even Churchill once was a teenager and a young man.

Having read the great books »Churchill: A Study in Greatness« and »Churchill: Four Faces and the Man«, I have bought a reprint of Churchill’s famous book »My Early Life« which is a fantastic read. That Churchill is a master of the written word is commonly known, but he has great stories to tell, too, and this book allows the reader a fascinating glimpse into a world that has long gone.

Like every great book, however, this one contains thoughts and observations that are never out of date – like Churchill’s comment on religion:

There was general agreement that if you tried your best to live an honourable life and did your duty and were faithful to friends and not unkind to the weak and poor, it did not matter much what you believed or disbelieved. All would come out right. This is what would nowadays I suppose be called »The Religion of Healthy-Mindedness«.

(Winston Churchill, »My Early Life«)
Portrait of Winston Churchill, British statesman, writer, historian (ink drawing with water colour)