Heyoka’s Workbench

Being (Very) Serious

Here, for a change, is a drawing by my colleague S. who, by the way, is not an amateur like myself but makes her living by artwork and design. What takes me two hours (with ample use of the eraser and, occasionally, strong language), flows out of S.’s hand with ease and within minutes.

But what is a »Tauf-Tauch-Sauf-Anzug«? It’s one of those rare words that get longer when translated into the English language: namely a Christening-Diving-Boozing Suit. – Tellingly, though, it’s not something real. As mentioned before, we love to talk nonsense at the office. One word can set off a cascade of surreal absurdities. (I’m sure that’s why we’re not yet billionaires.)

I don’t remember how S. came up with the »Tauf-Tauch-Sauf-Anzug«. I guess it’s been just a slip of the tongue by one of us, like »tauchen« instead of »taufen«. At a closer look, it even seems to be a Rauchanzug, too (a smoking suit). Anyway, it’s a thingy that will surely turn out a game changer and make the world a better place!

»Tauf-Tauch-Sauf-Anzug« – Cartoon by Stefanie Levers