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Giro del Mondo Dantesco

When there’s a new e-mail from Gianluca in my inbox I can always be sure that he’s hatched some new interesting project. Gianluca is the founder of the former Fanzinoteca d’Italia and dedicates all his energy and resources to fanzines and related cultural topics.

Ten days ago, he wrote me about »Il giro del mondo Dantesco in 80 fumetti« and invited me to add comic adaptations of Dante Alighieri’s »La Divina Commedia« to the map. Regrettably, I don’t know any – but maybe my readers do? If so, help make the project a true world trip!

There’s an article about the project on »Dante Today«, a website run by lecturers and students of Bowdoin College (Maine, USA). And: there’s an extensive interview with Gianluca – in German and Italian – along with a bunch of photos in my own online archive of fanzines.

Portrait of Dante Alighieri as I imagine him in the present (Ink and Water Colours)