Heyoka’s Workbench

A Short Story

There are still people out there who publish print fanzines. It feels very good to think of this and to get one’s hands on such a small magazine now and then. It even feels better to contribute to such a magazine. And so, after a long lull, I braced up and wrote a short story for the Dadaistic fanzine »Das Dosierte Leben« from Mannheim, Germany. I made three fine illustrations for the story, too.

For the current issue of the DDL, all authors were invited to create just anything that has as many words starting with »SCHM« in it as possible. As I said: Dadaistic. My contribution is a quite absurd pseudo-historical short story: »Vom Schmalkaldischen Kriege«. It does not have to do anything with the real Schmalkaldic War – I just needed some place name with »SCHM«.

If you like (and can read German) you can download the story as a PDF (364 kB)

Drawing for a dadaistic pseudo-historic short story – a couple enjoying a rendezvous in the larder.