Heyoka’s Workbench


שֶׁקֶט – Surely, there’s no scarcity of architectural highlights in Dresden, my beautiful native city by the river Elbe. One of my favourites, however, might be less renowned: the New Synagogue. I’m sure that – like so often with modern and unconventional architecture – the building raised quite some controversy and still does. But as for me, I was spell-bound when I first saw it and still, every time I visit Dresden, am drawn to it irresistably right on my very first stroll through the city. – What a felicitous counterpoint to the baroque ensemble of Brühl’s Terrace and what a strong expression of everything a house of prayer stands for: serenity, contemplation, solace, invigoration, quietude.

(The floor plan is taken from the booklet »Die Dresdner Synagoge« by Hentrich & Hentrich.)

Drawing of the New Synagogue in Dresden