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Songs in Ink (7)

Yoooooohoooo, yoodoodoodelooo
Yoooohoo, yoodep, doodoodep …

(Al Perry & The Cattle, »Cattle Call«)

Last week, I had the idea that a follow-up for the »Songs in Ink« series would be great – and a good occasion to get myself to drawing again after a long lazy lull.

Now, here is the first song of the new series. Al Perry & The Cattle from Tucson may be counted among the Desert Rock family of the South West of the United States. I like their combination of weird and coarse music with brilliant lyrics (and great cover artwork). On their album »Happy Accident«, by the way, is a really great version of »Ace of Spades« (better than the original, I’d say).

Drawing “Inked Songs (7)” illustrating the song “Cattle Call” by Al Perry & The Cattle