Heyoka’s Workbench


(Elizabeth »Lee« Miller, US-American photographer)

E.* and I spent three wonderfully relaxed and exhilarating days in Copenhagen last November. It was our first trip to this grand old metropolis of the European North and thus there was a lot to discover.

Happily, neither of us belongs to the species of tourists who have a long and fixed list of must-see sights. Our pace is leisurely – a casual coffee and cake here and a drink there, and: the joy of stumbling across unexpected gems. Like the exhibition »Lee Miller - Photographer. Icon. Surrealist.« at Det Kongelige Bibliotek.

I found Miller’s works not necessarily surreal, but very impressive in different ways, sometimes sparkling with joy of living and with wry humor, and sometimes exuding the gloom of the horrors of war and human bestiality.

* (Not Elizabeth …)

Portrait of Lee Miller, US-American photographer (ink drawing)