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Para o Brasil!

Ynternet.com.br is a magazine from Brazil made by a web design company with quarters in São Paulo and Curitiba. Back in the heyday of kopozky.net, they asked me if they could publish a collection of my comic strips in their magazine – translated into Portuguese, of course. I was thrilled because I loved the idea of my comic strips being translated into other languages (I knew of translations into Italian, Polish, Greek, Spanish, and Hungarian until then, though none of them in print).

So, in 2009 and 2010, at least three issues of Ynternet.com.br featured Kopozky strips on their last page! Printed high-gloss and with some friendly introductory text alongside. The company even sent me copies of those three issues by mail.

I had totally forgotten about all of it. Right until I spotted the magazines last weekend, hidden in a pile of fanzines about punk rock, poetry and Dadaism). – Esplêndido!

Photo: Copies of a Brazilian magazine featuring Kopozky comic strips