Heyoka’s Workbench


I’ve been drawing pictures since I can hold a pencil and wrote my very first novel (two pages) as soon as I’d learned all letters. I just cannot stop and – woe to those around me! – am all too fond of sharing the fruits of my artistic endeavours. So here’s where I publish a cartoon now and then – or a sketch or a portrait or a short story or an essay or whatever flows from my pen.


Maybe you want to nominate me for an art award? Buy one of my scribbles for seven million shillings? Or point out a misspelling in one of my cartoons? Then don’t hesitate to drop me a line at heyoka@mydomain.net (with »mydomain« being »heyokas-workbench», of course).

Oh, And What’s This Heyoka Thing?!

As the honourable reader will have guessed from this site’s name, I use the pseudonym Heyoka. Which makes me one among hundreds …

A member of the Sioux nation will probably either roll their eyes or laugh at all the couch Heyokas out there. But bear with me: when I chose this pseudonym I did not (and could not) know that it was in wide use already, mainly among urban esoterics, and that for a member of the Lakota tribe it might stand for something rather serious.

As a youth, I was extremely interested in the American native peoples and their various histories. There was a time when I knew the names of more than a hundred tribes by heart! And in one of the books I devoured, I stumbled upon the Lakota word »Heyoka«. A Heyoka was described as an odd mystic jester who, by an outsider, might be taken for a total nutter. I liked the idea and picked the term as my pseudonym.

Today, the web offers a lot more – and more exhaustive – information on the concept of Heyoka. There is – suprise, surprise! – a Wikipedia article that says: »[…] during a baking hot heat wave, a heyókȟa might shiver with cold and put on gloves and cover himself with a thick blanket. Similarly, when it is freezing he might wander around naked, complaining that it is too hot.«

I like this, and as it is too late to change my pseudonym I’ll stick with »Heyoka« and hope it fits my works.

And Elsewhere …

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