Heyoka’s Workbench

The Amnesia Project

In the years of Kopozky, Andrew was the faithful companion who not only helped me produce reasonable English. We also developed ideas for several of the comic strips in team work, we discussed alternative plots and punchlines and titles and chatted about anything and everything.

Now, after a collection of short stories and several great articles on writing, Andrew has published his first novel some time ago: »The Amnesia Project«. I read it and I liked it.

A thriller featuring cassette tapes cannot be bad, right? But there is a lot more. First of all and mainly: it’s good entertainment. No fuss, no undue complexity or pseudo-avantgarde contortions – just a solid, swift and entertaining story. There’s a dose of »One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest«, a pinch or two of »The Magnificent Seven«, maybe even a grain of »Twelve Monkeys«, quite a deal of »Maniac Mansion« and plenty of Andrew D. Williams! What could go wrong?

If you are still hesitating: the book is a steal – a risk one can take, huh? Oh, and take the minute or two to rate it. Please do.

Drawing: “The Amnesia Project”