Heyoka’s Workbench


Just finished a cartoon for my newly-wed cousin and his wife in Dresden.

Its title translates into »When the registrar is a Wessi …« (Wessi meaning someone from Western Germany) and the poor registrar is saying: »… I don’t know what to do – when I ask the yes-or-no question, they always just say “nu” …!!!«

The joke is playing on the dialect spoken in Dresden and around: Saxons mostly don’t say »ja« (yes) but use a short »nu« (noo) instead, something that can puzzle the uninitiated Westerner a lot. And no, this is not a comment on East-West affairs – it’s just a joke by someone who has friends on both sides of the Elbe.

All the best for A. and N.! 😊

Cartoon: Happy couple at the registrar (who does not speak Saxon).