Heyoka’s Workbench

The Kale Test Trip

Now and then, I draw cartoons for clients, too. It was even an entire comic strip that I created for a web company in November 2016. The company is located in northern Germany and they invite all employees, partners and clients for a traditional Kale Trip every February. The invitation for the 2017 trip was decorated with my comic strip. I contrived a little story that combined the idea of a test run for the self-made kale trip carts with some geek humour.

Panel 1: »How could this happen?!« – »I don’t understand it either.«

Panel 2: »The use cases were meticulously defined! The flowchart was perfect!« – »All unit tests were green!!!«

Panel 3: »Hmmm – maybe we should have done the E2E tests in the parking lot first instead of heading for a 10-kilometer test drive straight away …«

Panel 4: »And maybe we could have done without a brandnew chassis and remote control …«

Panel 5: »Come on, let’s get home before Christmas Eve …« – »Yeah, and let’s do things again that we’re good at.« – »Oh yes – software, web, apps … Sigh!«

Comic strip: “The Test Kale Trip”