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Songs in Ink (17)


(Kraftwerk, »Ruckzuck«)

You need not be an enthusiast for everything they made to acknowledge the uniqueness of Kraftwerk’s oeuvre and their impact upon modern music. I’m not a die-hard fan either – but I could not escape the fascination and the magic of the moment when I stumbled upon a live recording of one of Kraftwerk’s first concerts. It was 1970 – nineteen seventy! What they did was so novel, so strange as if a group of aliens from outer space had landed on stage.

(The YouTube link above should skip right to minute 16:43 when »Ruckzuck« begins. If you have access to the media library of the German TV broadcaster ARD, you can watch the concert there, too.)

Drawing “Inked Songs (17)” illustrating the song “Ruckzuck” by Kraftwerk