Heyoka’s Workbench

Sacapuntas y Azulejo

The other day, at lunch time, a colleague mentioned that the words »sacapuntas« and »azulejo« were among the very few morsels of Spanish he’s ever managed to memorise. Odd. But what a rhythm and melody these two words have! Sacapuntas! Azulejo! We fell in love with them at once and let our imagination loose on them. Sacapuntas, of course, has to be the little hero of a children’s animated series. A friendly, helpful, plucky fellow he would be, a bit simpleminded perhaps. And Azulejo would be his – his dog, yes! A dog shaped like a tile. Why not? – I could, of course, not abstain from sketching the two brandnew cartoon heroes. ¡Venga, Sacapuntas!

“Sacapuntas y Azulejo”