Heyoka’s Workbench


For two months, I’ve been showing a temporary »under construction« message here instead of the first-class high-quality content that my readers expect (and very rightly do so). Now the workbench is back again!

The hiatus, though, was not quite voluntary. Usually, I spend as little time as possible on computer stuff in my free time (I have enough of it in my working hours). But a technical change by my web hosting provider forced me to act because the old (but reliable) blog software I’d always used did not work any longer. Yay! Progress on its march! Clomp, clomp, clomp…

I’ve already drafted a lengthy harangue (in Technicalese) about superfluous updates and about why I think the internet has largely turned into a huge pile of something and why I think it’s not the fault of single persons like Zuckerberg or single companies like auntie Google but that of thoughtless developers and designers and yes: users.

But this blog is not about tech stuff. It’s about drawings and sketches and little stories and essays. So what I did during the last weeks was build me my own simple and robust and autonomous blog system that hopefully will work for a veeeeery long time.

In my »under construction« message in November 2022, I promised to shove all the many blog posts back online again till the end of the year but of course I was much too optimistic. – I’m at it! :-)

A little cartoon showing a fencer attacking his computer monitor.