Heyoka’s Workbench


The other day, I had the pleasure of being among the jolly party whom my old friend Gregor had invited over for dinner.

We chatted about anything and everything and, after a while, Gregor and I made an excursion into the field of drawing. He told me about a simple improvisation game that he’d recently started playing with his niece: You need a sheet of paper and a pencil or other drawing utensils and at least two players. The first player starts drawing the head (of a person, an animal, an alien or whatever) while the other players look away. Then the first player folds back the part of the paper with the head so that only a tiny part of the neck remains visible. Now another player takes the paper and, connecting to what’s visible of the neck, draws the upper body with the arms (or tentacles or …). And so on with the legs and feet. Easy. And fun!

Gregor showed me the many results of those drawing sessions with his niece and – hey! – they’re really impressing. Not just because both are quite proficient with pencil and brush but even more so because they both do not stick to an overly narrow notion of what counts as head or body or leg.

Here’s one of the great results. 😀

A drawing that was produced in an improvisation game by two artists.