anmutunddemut (German)
This is a blog like blogs used to be in olden times – a collection of articles about almost every aspect of life. Ben, the author and a web developer, comments on tech stuff and web news, of course, but also on political and social topics, on music and art, on movies and games and on very personal things, too. A blog full of genuine commitment and without that self-protective kind of irony you find so often. (English/French/German)
This is not a blog but I mention it nonetheless for I know that most of the content is by Guido, who created Improwiki, and by two or three guest writers. As the name suggests, this website is about improv theatre. Like all the people whose blogs I recommend here, Guido has passions and interests far off his profession as a (very good) developer. Like all the others mentioned here, he is a generalist. And one of his greatest private passions is improv. I guess there is virtually no detail of this art that is not covered in his Wiki.

ligneclaire (German)
Apart from any considerations about its content, this blog – in my opinion – is one of the most beautiful blogs you can find on the web. Dirk is a great designer who can create almost eternal designs without needing a ton of bells and whistles. As for the content, Dirk’s blog is marked by a fine mixture of laconic comments, uncommented photos, and very elaborate articles. Dirk’s main interest in this blog are music and cultural topics. And he has a very keen eye for curious (sometimes strangely touching) details and constellations. (English)
You might know Jens. Of all the guys listed here he should be the one who comes closest to enjoying some degree of prominence. He was active for the W3C and worked for a not-so-small IT company. And he wrote a couple of books. His blog is a mixture of strictly technical stuff and philosophical ponderings. Jens does not just echo the latest tech gossip but always gives you his very profound, well-argued and thus valuable personal view. This results in many of his very old comments still being valid and worth considering. (English)
Olaf moved to northern Sweden some years ago. He, too, is a developer. But – as mentioned above – he is much more. He can play the piano like a devil, he can write like a god, and he is an outdoor enthusiast and traveller. Oh, and he makes marvellous photos. You cannot see and read his blog without feeling a sharp pang of joy and the strong desire to pack your suitcase or rucksack and start for some travelling beyond the municipal woods. (English)
As you know, I am dabbling as a cartoonist and comic artist now and then. The artist behind zenpencils is not dabbling. His drawings are of an overwhelming quality and variety. They are beautiful and full of meaning and love and soul. And: zenpencils has a very inventive concept. See for yourself!