Towards Parnassos

Rummaging in the collection of my childhood drawings the other day, I got my hands on these two jewels of writing again.

As soon as I had learned all letters I started my career as an author. The very first of my literary feats was a crime story (lost, regrettably). But I wouldn’t content myself with mere short stories – it had to be full-scale novels!

So I started writing “Die Bande von Billi Erlem” (The Gang of Billi Erlem) and “Kapitän Tscheksen” (Captain Tscheksen – well, it’s Jackson for a small boy who does not know a single word of English). The first was a classic western and the latter a mix of seafarers, pirates and mystic monsters heavily inspired by Sandokan and Sindbad.

Both novels, alas, remained unfinished – like so many other ones following. To this day, in spite of my writing skills, I did not finish a single novel. Looks like I’m more of a short-distance runner as an author and as a comic artist.

Published on 25 January 2018

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Photo: “My very first novels”