“TDL” – The Last Kopozky Strip

When I shut down my comic blog Kopozky half a year ago, the plot and first scribbles for a new episode had been lying on my desk already. Yesterday, in a playful mood, I jotted down more elaborate sketches for the three panels. Here they are. (This does not mean Mr Kopozky will be back – I just find the strip too good to stay entirely unpublished.)

Panel 1:
Copywriter and Developer in the staff room. In the background, the Admin is bumping into the closed door heavily. The Copywriter is watching with wonder.

Panel 2:
Copywriter: Now he’s completely freaked out …
Developer: Huh? – No, he’s just applying the TDL he has invented the other day.

Panel 3:
Developer: Define a test first: “Door should be passable”. See the test fail. Implement the logic – that is: open the door. Then test again. Test-Driven Life – simple.
Copywriter: I’m really glad you boys have your own lavatory …

Published on 18 July 2017

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