Songs in Ink (10)

“Ein Wühltier durch den tiefen Raum
Ein Wandler zwischen Wahn und Traum
Ein Maulwurf meiner Seele.”
(Krankheit der Jugend, “Der Maulwurf”)
Back to the second series of inked songs again.
I do not know if “Krankheit der Jugend“ do still exist as a band. Their website implies that they broke up in 2008.
Music and lyrics of “Krankheit der Jugend” were very experimental, avant-garde, and enigmatic. With their label “KrankeKunstVerlag” they were early pioneers of free music downloads (their own songs and songs of bands on their label, of course).
The above lines may be translated as: “A burrower in chthonic space, a wanderer between lunacy and dream, a mole of my mind.”

Published on 15 May 2015

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Drawing “Inked Songs (10)”