Selling Off Gems

It’s almost four years now that I published »Kopozky: The Book« and there are still a lot of copies left. But no worries: I am not going to sing another elegy about the poor artist’s dire fate. It’s all been said. (And sorry to my friends who had to listen to it over and over again.)

No, I just want to announce that I decided to reduce the price of the book once again: it is now reduced by 75%. Yep: you pay twenty-five percent for a hundred percent of »Kopozky: The Book«. (Hey – just some weeks ago people were ready to pay much more for quite another type of paper, right?)

(On the left, by the way, you see the sketch for a panel of the comic story »The Pitch« that’s part of the book, and the panel itself.)

Published on 27 May 2020

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A scribble for a panel of the comic story “The Pitch” in the Kopozky book and the final panel