On Mobbing: A (Re-)Dedication

This is the scribble for “Songs in Ink (8)”.
I first understood that the song “Suture” was about being a mobbing victim at school. But I’m not sure now. The text is very cryptic. Some parts of it seem to allude to some revengeful violence on the part of the protagonist. – I do not like this. And actually, most mobbing victims never react in a violent way.
So forget about the song for now. I want to talk about mobbing and my drawing is about mobbing, too.

I never was a victim of mobbing myself. My little nephew was.
I only know what his parents told me about it. No-one knows what he might have kept enclosed in his big little heart and mind. He has been released from his ordeal now. Not because the teachers did anything or the mobbers’ parents. No, the mobbers simply turned on other victims.
I dedicate my drawing to my nephew and his fellow sufferers.
I wish my nephew that he can forget about this experience and realises that nothing is wrong with him. He, like any other victim of mobbing, was simply a random target. He is a great little man (with great parents and siblings – and with friends).
It’s the mobbing boys and girls and their passive teachers and parents who are the losers and shmocks.

Published on 20 November 2016

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Scribble for drawing “Songs in Ink (8)”