Never Change a Published Strip – Except …

The first two panels of the Kopozky strip The Precipice show a scene that is not real but imagined by the Web Developer. I used the opportunity to experiment with ways to indicate this graphically.
The version I published showed the first two panels with pencil strokes (instead of ink) and with the very first rough scribbles in the background. However, after four different readers had asked me if those funny strokes in the first two panels were accidental I had to admit to myself that the solution did not work well.
So I decided to try a more “classical” approach to indicate the imaginary nature of the first two scenes.
A very inventive way to depict things imaginary in a comic story can be found, by the way, in the great trilogy “L’Etat morbide” by Daniel Hulet (in the third part I think).

Published on 2 February 2016

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