Nebular – Part Two

In April, I recommended the comic album “Nebular – The Secret of Quaoar” by Thomas Rabenstein and Ralf Zeigermann. Just a few days ago, they have published the second volume: “The Quaoar Expedition”.

You can buy the German edition as a Kindle book or in print at Amazon. English and French editions and other providers will follow soon!

Once again, Ralf’s artwork is impressing! The story keeps the classical stance I described in my post on part one. It’s the Perry Rhodan, the Mark Brandis, maybe the Star Trek type of Science Fiction rather than the Alien or 1984 type.

Ralf has added the one or other little ironical self-referential detail that are fun to detect and that hint at his great versatility as a cartoonist, designer, and visual storyteller. (Reading part one again, too, I think I spotted a really amusing background detail I had missed before: one of the many screens of a spacecraft is showing a pixelated scene from an old video game classic instead of fancy graphs.)

The story itself might need a little more “punch”. After two volumes, one still has the impression that the plot is just about unfolding and the characters are still a bit remote. But this is quite nitpicky criticism, really. (And one could even enjoy the decelerated speed as a feature of classical science fiction.)

I say: anyone who loves comic art and science fiction must get a copy of “Nebular”!

(On the left: two panels from the book by courtesy of Ralf Zeigermann.)

Published on 20 October 2017

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