Nebular – A Graphic Novel

The London-based cartoonist and author Ralf Zeigermann has contributed some fine ink illustrations for my book “Feinbaum”.
So I was excited to learn that he has started adapting the books of the science fiction series “Nebular” by Thomas Rabenstein to graphic novels. The first volume is “Das Geheimnis von Quaoar“, published last year. Currently, it is only available in German but French and English translations are in progress. You can get it via iTunes, Beam, Amazon, and Google Play.

I do not know Rabenstein’s original novels and can only judge by the comic adaption. But this adaption is a pleasure and worth every cent! Ralf applies a classic ligne claire style combined with opulent backgrounds. Great comic art! I was all the more impressed as I had known “only” Ralf’s black-and-white ink drawings before.
As for the story, it is an instance of what I would call classic science fiction, that is: utopian stories with scientists and explorers as their main protagonists and starting with a positive view of the future instead of a dystopian scenario. I like both types of science fiction but the classic utopian story has become so rare that I was happy about the setting of “Nebular”.
In an appendix, Ralf shows a couple of scribbles and discarded panels and explains how he arrived at the final drawing style for the novel. A bonus chapter I appreciate a lot.
Right now, Ralf is working hard on the second volume. I cannot wait to see and read it!

My friend and co-author Dirk has an article on “Nebular”, too, besides other reviews of graphic novels (German). Oh, and you will find a lot of reviews of comics over there at Ben’s blog as well (German, too).

(On the left: a page from the book by courtesy of Ralf Zeigermann.)

Published on 17 April 2017

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Page from Ralf Zeigermann’s graphic novel “Das Geheimnis von Quaoar”