Mr Peartree

Only all too rarely do his duties as a Bridge Keeper allow Mr Peartree his indulging in his passion for classical studies.
The heavy traffic of trains upon and of ships below the Albert’s Bridge II claims his ever-wary eye.
At any time, some situation of emergency might arise that can only be resolved by applying the utmost wit and tactfulness.
There are days when Mr Peartree is afflicted by a deep melancholy.
He would then retire from the world and a score of little tin men would step in for him.
These tin men had once been given to Mr Peartree as a present for his silver jubilee as Bridge Keeper by his best friend, old Gunsmith-Gladwyn.
They are diligent and faithful and never consider themselves too good for any task.
Mr Peartree, however, would pass away his melancholy days enjoying the classics.
(A very antique one again – made sometime in the nineties.)

Published on 3 February 2017

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Comic strip “Mr Peartree”