When I had settled on a bench in the municipal gardens yesterday to find some rest after a day of toil and bustle and when I had just made myself snug and comfortable, a heavily perspiring jogger sat down beside me and deceased.

The situation was fairly embarrassing, for I wanted to avoid by all means that any passer-by might get the idea I was somehow related to the man or to the cause of his demise. So I kept a stiff upper lip and put on a smile as unconcerned as possible.

However, the body – what fickle whim of fate! – slowly sank to the side until the dead gentleman was resting at my left shoulder with all his weight. This made it utterly impossible for me to leave unnoticed, as the corpse, had I tried to get up from the bench, would have fallen over and attracted the attention of the crowd that was glancing suspiciously already. And attention was just what I wanted to avoid.

So what could I do but wait until evening when no more strollers were in the park and I could finally escape without éclat?