Oliver is a jack-of-all-trades. Design and cars are just two of his many and varied interests but surely the ones that are closest to his heart.

The first earns him his bread and butter. But it’s not just a job: Oliver is a designer with passion and keen interest in all details of materials and production. Cars – old British cars particularly – are his private pastime. Last time I visited his garage there were two and a half Metros. Oliver knows how to disassemble and reassemble a motor or rather: a whole car, welding and painting included. Oh, and he was the one, by the way, who suggested that the designer at drive a »Reliant Scimitar«.

Just the other day, Oliver showed me a badge he has created for his club of MG aficionados. A little job that amalgamated the two passions for design and for cars. It took Oliver about two hours from the first idea and sketch to the final master files for printing. I know big marketing companies that would have needed weeks (and sent an invoice with a large number at the bottom).

Photo: Badges for the MG club Münsterland (courtesy of Oliver, all rights with Oliver Rentzsch)

Published on 29 November 2019

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Photo: Badges for a club of motorists and MG friends