Heyoka’s Workbench


The topic has quickly disappeared from of the news in Germany and the (faint) debates on antisemitism have run out, the remaining trickle being back in its old bed. But still I thought that some of my readers will find this collection of articles by the German Jewish journalist and self-declared curmudgeon Michael Wuliger interesting. They were all published in his op-ed column in the »Jüdische Allgemeine«.

I bought the little book last year and have read it twice since. This does not even remotely make me any kind of expert in things Jewish or the Middle East. I just suppose that it’s no bad idea once to listen to those about whom one is used to only talk.

(The book has been published by Hentrich & Hentrich – in German only, so far.)

Photo: the book »Koscher durch die Krisen« by the German Jewish journalist Michael Wuliger